Where to live ?

Location, location, location. This service recommends the best places to buy home that maximise personal constraints and preferences. For instance I want to find a home with at least 70 m2 that is ideally near a park, near my work, near x,y knowing that my budget is about 400K euros. where should I search? Lots of time such place doesn't exist. However the algorithm computes in real-time thousand of places to detect interesting spots that minimize the gap between his/her ideal and the reality of the local market. The user can even tune the score with his own personalised “living score” by playing with the weight/importance of each of their criteria.

Opportunistic Scoring Engine

The goal of this project to avoid the common "0 result found" when a user enters a set of criteria. We developed a matching algorithm that scores ads and buyer profiles through "rich" dimensions. ("rich" because ad and user profile are enriched with additional information).
On top of that the engine tries to explain the score via a *semantic layer* generating a set of arguments (pro, con) on the fly. The richer the ads+user profiles are the more opportunitic is the matching: we always will be able to find positive arguments about a property regarding user needs.

"Rental Improver" Service

Can I find a better rental offer that I currently have ?

The service asks the current situation of a tenant and try to find something better according to a set of criteria: improvement in transport time, home surface and monthly budget. Beyond recommendation, the algorithm generates automatic argumentations based on the relative gain of a criteria compared to the user current situation.
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Analytics real estate observatory

CityObs is a big data platform analysing the market of different EU countries by observing a large set of real estate portails, and scoring or filtering in real time offers in order to 1) identify the more relevant ones for prospection and 2) generate different kind of data driven reports (price estimation for property owner, local + national real estate competitors dynamics for top management) via the use of local, macro or reconstructed indicators.
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Computer Vision for Urban understanding

You don't know a district ? so you walk or take your car to get a fealing of the ambiance ? This project is about exploring the analysis of hundred thousand images of Google Street view to better understand the style of a district.
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2017 - now

ChatBot Emma

Real estate virtual assistant

You are a buyer. Imagine your mortgage broker or bank providing you a service to help you find the best real estate property and deliver a pre-approval mortgage for each of them. When you want to visit the seller knows you already have the approval for a mortgage.Nice !
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Nicolas Maisonneuve - Founder

I try to learn and act beyond my original field (artificial intelligence) by taking inspiration or collaborating with other domains. I had the chance to do academic research or work in various great universes (University of Sydney, INSEAD, Ecole Normale Superieure + INRIA, Sony Computer Science lab, French Spatial Centre, University of Geneva + United Nations + CERN, Ecole nationale des arts decoratifs). I also cofounded or joined startups in media, e-health, food, and even worked in a marble factory.

Lots of people participate time to time according to their expertises and the projects. They are developers, designers, GIS expert, data scientists, marketing, business developers, project leaders, real estate experts, and some are just friendly advisors. They come from all over the world. This adventure would not have been possible without a serious help from them. Thanks Folks !! ❤.

  • Pierre Henri Trancat
  • Alexander Ryhlitsky
  • Danilo Pavkov
  • Jonathan Sterling
  • Igor Bozato
  • Antonio Falciano
  • Antonio Figueiredo
  • Vladimir Kamarzin
  • Long Nguyen
  • Ylann Wajsbrot
  • Christophe Horoyan
  • Jose Maria Alvarez Rey
  • Pierre Pateron
  • Adrian Toman
  • Alexey Tigarev
  • Alexandr Opak
  • Guillaume Sellier
  • Sandra Platano
  • Julien Muresianu
  • Gautier Boucher
  • Vincent Sellier
  • Faustine Clavert
  • Elliott Rezny
  • Sandra Platano
  • Gyorgy Mora
  • Mukesh Singh
  • Philippe Olivier
  • Christophe De Becdelievre
  • Flavia Carvalho
  • Marcelo Oliveira
  • Guillaume Duranton
  • Dmitry Gusev
  • François Moulec
  • Mathieu Perez
  • Hyacinthe Kouassi